Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I get from the San Jose del Cabo (SJD) airport to the resort?"

For transportation to and from the airport, please click on Airport Transportation.

We only offer safe, reliable and efficient private transportation. We do not offer a "shuttle".

"May I use my credit card?"

Yes, you may. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card.

"What are your cancelation policies?"

Please refer to the specific terms and conditions that you are required to agree to on your online quote/reservation form at time of booking which apply to your specific reservation type. In the event that you book off-line, our cancelations policies as described under our "policies" link will apply.

"Are passports required to visit Mexico?"

YES. U.S. citizens traveling to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda who have applied for but not yet received passports can nevertheless temporarily enter and depart from the United States by air with a government issued photo identification and Department of State official proof of application for a passport expired September 30, 2007. Official proof of a U.S. passport application is required and can be obtained at

Married women also need to take either their marriage license or affidavit of same to verify their name change from the name shown on the birth certificate.

U.S. citizens boarding flights to Mexico should be prepared to present one of these documents as proof of U.S. citizenship, along with photo identification. Driver's permits, voter registration cards, affidavits and similar documents are not sufficient to prove citizenship for readmission into the United States.

For more information check with your airline or visit the U.S. Department of State Web site.

"What are the regulations for children under 18 years old traveling to Mexico?"

IMPORTANT! If you are a lone parent or will be traveling with your children but without your spouse, or you are under 18 years old traveling alone, special paperwork is required.

  • If you are a single parent, or if your spouse will not be traveling with you and your children for whatever reason, you must get a notarized letter from the absent parent, giving consent for the child or children to be traveling with one parent absent.
  • If you are a widow or widower, you will need to write a letter to explain this and get it and a copy of the death certificate notarized. Carry both of these documents with you when you travel.
  • If you are estranged from your spouse, and you are the legal guardian of your child/children, you can take a copy of the court order (original only, no copies) with you, and this will suffice to get into Mexico.
  • If you are under 18 years old and want to travel to Mexico without your parents, you will need to carry with you a notarized letter of consent signed by both parents.
  • For more information check with your airline or visit the U.S. Department of State Web site.

"Is Internet access available at Villa del Palmar Cabo?"

Yes, there is an Internet Cafe in the grocery/deli market. Suites have either wireless or wired internet on a pay per day basis.

"Are there hairdryers in the Suites?"


"Is the water at Villa del Palmar Cabo safe to drink?"

Yes. Villa Del Palmar Cabo has its own de-salinization plant on-site. The purified tap water flows through the faucets in all the Suites.

"What's the electric current at Villa del Palmar Cabo?"

Just like in the U.S. 120V, 60Hz. Plug Type "A" and Type "B"

"Does Villa del Palmar Cabo have an on-site Doctor?"

Yes, the doctor's clinic is located on-site. In addition, a hospital is 5 minutes away from the resort, and there is ambulance service.

"Is tipping typical at Villa del Palmar Cabo?"

Although not required, the resort staff works hard to make your stay a pleasant one, and they appreciate gratuities.

"Are safe deposit boxes available?"

Yes, they are in the Suites.

"How can I get more information about Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area?"

Please contact us.

"What is the All Inclusive Meal Plan and how does it work?"

The "All Inclusive" meal plan can be purchased at the resort at any time or as a package with your suite. Below you will find the most current information we have, but you should check with the resort directly for specifics. The plan may not include some items, like specialty steaks and shrimp/lobster, but does offer discounts on these items. 


ALL-INCLUSIVE MEAL PLAN Meal - $140 per adult per day, kids 4-12 years old half price per day. Includes all the bars and restaurants at Palmar and Villa Del Arco, the adjoining sister resort.

Meal Plan Includes:

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at all restaurants and bars at Villa Del Palmar and Villa Del Arco 
  • Room Service (minimal service fee applies)
  • Premium beverages with selected liquor, beer, cocktails, soft drinks and water 7AM-11PM
  • Daily live entertainment
  • Daily theme night show and buffet (reservations required)
  • Non-motorized waters sports (Kayaks only)
  • Use of the gym and tennis clinics

Not included in the Meal Plan:

  • In-room Bar 
  • Palmita Market, Deli and ice cream parlor and La Parilla
  • Special events in the restaurants such as and Tequila tastings, Holidays specials, etc. 40% discount applies.
  • Private Chef Service
  • Special Items such as Kobe and Angus Beef, Lobster and Shrimp Dishes. 40% discount applies
  • Combination with other promotions
  • Kids Club Program and Baby sitting service
  • All Wine, Sparkling wine, Champagne and Liquors by the bottle are available at a 35 % discount
  • Take away of Food and Beverage items
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Restaurants and Bars at Villa La Estancia


  • The Villa Group Meal Plan Package needs to be purchased for a minimum of 3 consecutive days either separately or as a package with your suite.
  • Please advise our service staff of your Meal Plan status before ordering.
  • Kindly be advised that the public facilities such Pool, lounge chairs, Pool Bar and Beach chairs at Villa La Estancia property are only for Villa La Estancia Owner and Guests (No visitors allowed).
  • Bracelets must be worn visibly and shown at the time of any purchase.
  • All your checks need to be signed whether the consumption is included or an extra charge applies. Checks for extra charges will be marked as such and you will be advised when ordering that an extra charge applies.
  • Gratuities are not included. Any tips are very welcome and will be charged separately to your account.
  • Checks will be made out per room and need to reflect the amount of people staying in the room. Group or bulk orders as well as take away are not possible.
  • The meal plan needs to be bought for all people staying in your room or party including children above the age of 3 years (3–12 years 50% discount applies).
  • Please note that we reserve the right to refuse service to obviously intoxicated guests and guests not observing house rules.
  • This package is non transferable.
  • Packages cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  • In case of loss of bracelets a penalty of 1 day will apply for reissue of a new bracelet.


"I am also a timeshare owner at Villa Del Palmar and have extra weeks. Can I get more information about your rentals?"

Yes, please contact us.

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